This topic is fairly relevant as I ended up pulling an all-nighter last night to finish my paper for Poli-Sci. It has almost become a semester ritual where two or three weeks before the semester ends when all the deadlines get closer and closer. Staying awake all night until class starts and your paper is due is tricky and staying awake the entire rest of the day is even trickier. Here are some good tactics to pull this off with the least worries.


Trying to pull an all-nighter in your room is difficult, especially with your bed right there, and it would be okay if you just took a nap for an hour and then got back to work, or maybe you could wake up just before class and get it done, right? No. Go to the library or somewhere your brain doesn't relate to sleeping or comfort. If you're an art student, take all your supplies to Gatewood; there are probably other students there and you can help keep each other awake.


Food is an often over-looked aspect of staying awake. A lot of people simply rely on caffeine to get them through the entire night and end up falling asleep anyways. Your body needs energy and for that it needs food. Eating a lot of food might make you sleepy so make a few sandwiches before you sit down to start working and eat one every couple of hours. If warm food makes you sleepy make sure to eat cold food and viceversa.

  • Good Warm Food


  • Good Cold Food

Jimmy Johns

Bag of baby carrots


The caf has powdered creamers and sugar near the juice stand next to the pasta station. I think they don't even go bad so you can keep them in your room until you need them.

Most of the nicer drink machines have energy drinks, but beware the caffeine/sugar crash.

Personally, trying to use caffeine to stay awake after a certain point just gives me a headache, but a nice extra cold bottle of water does the trick.


Something without lyrics works for me if I'm in work mode, but if I need a five minute break to wake myself up, something dancey helps. Try to keep it varied: Ratatat for a little while, then switch over to some classical (Wagner makes for an epic soundtrack for the home stretch). Pandora has some great pre-made stations. Drum & Bass is good as is Ambient.


Once you're in the groove, don't stop. Momentum is key.

If you're a Mac user, try using WriteRoom, it helps keep out distractions.

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