Some professors expect you to check blackboard religiously, others don't. Regardless, they usually post useful files like syllabi and power point presentations. You log into blackboard by using the same username and the same password as your e-mail and novell account. If you are a professor or staff person take a look at Blackboard for Faculty to find out how to set up some of the more useful features of Blackboard.

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My Courses lists all the classes you have this semester. If you want to change which ones appear and which ones don't, click on the pencil at the top right on the "My Courses" bar. This will allow you to set which ones to display and which not to display.

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This is where most professors put a copy of the syllabus. To get here click on the title of your course after logging in and look at the bar on the left side.

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Jackson Library librarians have been trying to integrate the library's online resources into the Blackboard course management system. Some professors have added Library Resources to their left navigation bar; other courses require that you go to "Tools" and then "My Library Resources". These tools allow you to enter the library's databases and journals without having to log in again. Plus, they are usually geared to your specific course and its assignments. If you don't see the library resources, please ask your professor to contact the subject librarian in the library. They can get it set up for you.

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