The Teaching and Learning Center [1] on campus manages the Blackboard Course Management Software. They run regular sessions to teach faculty how to use Blackboard's features, especially in the summer.

Getting StartedEdit

Library ResourcesEdit

Jackson Library librarians have been trying to integrate the library's online resources into the Blackboard course management system. We would like every professor to add the Library Resources Tool to their left navigation bar. These tools allow students to enter the library's databases and journals without having to log in again. Plus, they are usually geared to your specific course and its assignments. To get the Library Resources Tool set up, please contact your subject librarian at 334-5419. They can work with you to add resources to your course as well as getting the Tool added to your left navigation bar.


eReserves are documents stored in Adobe pdf format and accessible through Blackboard at UNCG. Access is limited to students, faculty, and staff enrolled in or teaching each specific course and section. Authentication is via the UNCG Novell account username and password. To find out how to get eReserves for your class, contact Access Services at Jackson Library .

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