There are computer labs all around campus. Most of them are managed by ITS and follow the same rules.

Computer UseEdit

Login InEdit

Login in uses the same username and the same password as blackboard and e-spartan. A little screen will come on telling you to "just press enter." If you enter anything into the second box it wont let you log in so leave it blank and "just press enter."

Saving Your WorkEdit

Make sure to save everything to My Documents. If you open an e-mail attachment or a document from Blackboard make sure to use the "Save As" option the first time you save and choose My Documents. If you don't, it will save under a temporary file and it will be erased as soon as you re-start the computer.

The "R" drive is your personal space in the university hard drive. You can access files saved there As long as you use a computer that is connected to the university network. You can also access these files on the internet through


To print you send the work to print and then you go to the printing station. Use the same username and password that you used for the computer and you will see a list of everything you have sent to print. Simply choose what you want printed and it will show the total at the bottom right. Click on the "Print" button and there you go.

You get a $3.00 printing allocation at the beginning of every semester to print with which is the equivalent of 75 pages. When you run out of this money you can use your First Card E-Cash to print. It is not possible to combine the printing allocation and the E-Cash to pay for single print jobs.


  1. No Food
  2. No Cellphones

Common ProblemsEdit

List of Computer labs on campusEdit