Dating on CampusEdit

Look, if you really want to date at UNCG, it's not that hard. But you need to be realistic.

1.) DO NOT DATE ANYONE LIVING IN THE SAME DORM AS YOU!! I know, I know, the girl down the hall is just SOO hot or the guy on the floor above you is just so sweet and cute or whatever. But seriously, if you break up with this person, do you really want to see them on a daily basis? You may not even see them everyday, but you will see them enough. Please, for the love of everything good in this world, don't make any more drama!

2.) Do not think that just because you are in college that you need to get married. I have seen too many marriages end because those involved were just too young and immature to have a successful relationship. Remember, this is the best time of your life. Live it up and enjoy it, but don't get married unless you are 100% committed to the other person and have given plenty of time to thinking about it!

3.) A great way to meet girls or guys is by getting involved in clubs that hold similar interests. Seriously, joining the Harri Krishna's on campus to meet the hot HK girl is just a bad idea. Join clubs for people with similar interests as you and GET INVOLVED!

4.) Don't sit on the sidelines and expect the Mr. or Mrs. Right just to stroll along. You have to work for it. But remember that you can't force it. ENJOY THIS TIME!

5.) Don't be a douche bag. If you are guy, pay for the girl's meal. If you are a girl, don't expect the world to be handed to you.

6.) Give up the Disney fantasies about the perfect guy or girl sweeping you off your feet. College is where you'll discover this is simply untrue, but you will also discover new things about love you never knew before.

7.) Do not pick up a girl or guy at the clubs! I REPEAT, DO NOT PICK UP A GIRL OR GUY AT THE CLUB! I don't think I need to fully explain this. Suffice it to say that if you want a quality mate, you have to look in the right places. Nothing wrong with the clubs, but there's a reason why guys go so often (and its not because they love dancing).