UNCG offers both a B.A. in Economics (liberal arts focus) and a B.S. in Economics (business focus).

B.A. in EconomicsEdit

The B.A. in Economics is more liberal arts-focused and gives students the chance to double-major outside the business sphere in things like political science, history, mathematics or computer science. Does not require a language credit, or much of the credits from within the Bryan School.

This is the fastest way to get out of here. DO NOT take 250 with Neufeld, he's awful and worthless. His Excel book will NOT get you ready for future classes. Everyone else (left in the school) is actually okay, unless you get a Grad Student that noone has heard about. Labor will not be the same without Dr. Sheran (formerly Sylvester); might want to wait a couple semesters to take this.

B.S. in EconomicsEdit

The B.S. in Economics is designed to be more business- or finance-oriented and combines classes in other Bryan School majors with classes in economics. Concentrations within the B.S. are:

  • Financial Economics
  • Applied Economic Analysis
  • Business and Public Policy
  • Global Economic Policy
  • Economic Studies
  • Financial Economics

Each concentration requires a different combination of classes for completion.

This is the "I should just have stayed and dealt with another two semesters" degree!