So you're going to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Here's some important information that should help you make it a good year.


Books are really expensive but for some classes they are indispensable. The best strategy is to check to see if you really need the books or not. If you see you do need them you have several options. If you need the book right away it is best to go with the UNCG Bookstore or Adam's University Bookstore. If you have some time it would be better to take a look at The prices are much better than at the other stores but shipping can take a while.

Selling books back is always depressing. If you are lazy the simplest way is to go to the UNCG bookstore and sell all the ones you can. If you want to make a little bit more money you can always just take a list of your books to Adam's and to the bookstore and compare prices. To get the most money back is again your best bet if you have the discipline to post your books and ship them. If you took good care of your book you could sell it for what you bought it. I haven't sold any books (I keep them) so anyone who's done the deal please post here.


If you are undecided or think you know what major you want to take the first semester classes should be the same. Take one class in your major and everything else should be General Education Courses. If you take too many classes in your major and then you end up switching you'll have a lot of wasted classes. One class in your major each semester should give you an idea of whether it's the right one for you or not. Check the wiki for your major to see what classes that should be.

Talking to your adviser is the best way of making sure you are taking what you are supposed to. If you have the classes picked out ahead of time it wont take more than 20 minutes. They will read over what you want to take and make sure it gets you closer to graduating and then send you on your way.