FANDOM is a new/used online bookstore that is owned by In order to use, you must have a Paypal account established as well as an eBay account. sells books, DVDs, videogames and CDs, and allows the user to specify certain books, DVDs, CDs or games that they may wish to purchase for certain amounts. Sellers of the specific goods are able to search for a buyer this way, in addition to the buyer searching for wanted goods (similar to eBay).

Buying books/DVDs/CDs/videogamesEdit

You can buy used or new books for less than you would pay at the bookstore. At checkout, you can make the option for regular media mail delivery (up to 2 weeks) or express mail (3-7 days). Some sellers do not have an option for express delivery and media mail is the only option available. Payments can only be made by Paypal and books are usually shipped out within 3-5 days.

Selling books/DVDs/CDs/videogamesEdit is a great option to sell your books to other students looking for a great deal. Most of the time you can sell your books for more than you get from the bookstore, and you can set your own price. Half tells you the going rate of a book in similar condition, but you can still set your own price. Funds from the sale are deposited into your Paypal account, allowing you funds to use for buying new books for upcoming classes. The only downside to selling on is the time it takes to package and ship the books to the buyer. A nominal fee is charged by; however, unlike eBay, the listing is good forever and may be removed at any time without penalty.

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