The Greensboro music scene has a pretty long, but inconsistent history. From the large rave, ska, and independent scenes in the 1990s to today's rap, jazz, and (again) independent scenes, the genres and artists have always been eclectic. Unfortunately, our venues tend to come and go frequently. It takes effort to stay connected to what is happening, but, believe me, there is plenty of music in this city and the surrounding areas. Now, if we could just keep some venues!



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UNCG's School of Music is the primary place for the jazz scene. Great people are coming through and honing their craft there.


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The independent music scene in Greensboro is pretty consistent. WUAG, the campus radio station, organizes free and pay concerts throughout the semesters (usually once a month) and sometimes in the summer. The concerts depend on the availability of bands and their touring schedules. In the past two years, we have seen Joanna Newsom, Oakley Hall, Ohmega Watts, Man Man, The Everybody Fields, and many others. The venues for independent music change frequently. Currently, the main venue for WUAG shows is Square One at the corner of Glenwood & Grove St.


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At one point Somewhere Else Tavern had this thing called Skaturday and it had quite a few ska and ska-punk bands from around but it hasn't happened in a long time. There isn't really a scene to speak of. Mostly just shows that are within driving distance in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem.


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NyOs is a local metal band who blend individual and group improvisation in with their unique style of abrasive tones.

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The Mantras consist of 5 memebers; 3 are recent graduates of UNCG [dec'07](two from the School of Music, and one from the Anthropology dept.). They blend many different types of music from their past and recent education, such as jazz, blues, reggae, funk, jam-rock, and all in between. Last semester they played with Rusted Root at the Greensboro Get Down Town event. With two albums under their belt and states/ venues up and down the east coast, this Greensboro based rock outfit are poised to take over this coast. -or-


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Hot Politics is a unique blend of your typical three piece band (Guitar, bass, drums) with Saxophone, and ...Euphonium!?!?! With solid arrangements and plenty of talent these guys are goin up.


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