So you want to study abroad. Here's a few reasons: Courses are pass/fail so you can concentrate on learning the culture and the language, if done through UNCG you dont have to hassle with paying anyone other than the university, you will have places to crash when you finally do that backpacking trip through europe or it can be the best starting point for said trip, imagine a place where all members of the opposite sex have hot foreign accents, and of course a foreign language to show off when you come back home to your friends. So get to reading! If you already know where you want to go read

Steps to study abroadEdit

Phase OneEdit

Basically this is the research phase. Look at what universities fit you and all that. You can do it at any time before the first deadline.

  • Choose a country

Places to study abroadEdit


Beijing - Beijing Normal University Hong Kong - Chinese University of Hong Kong


For summer 2009Edit

For fall 2009Edit

For spring 2010Edit

Money for Studying AbroadEdit

I didn't get any so someone else will have to do this one :(

Reasons to study abroadEdit

  • Awesome food!