The library is a great place for finding information and studying. There are cubicles in most floors and the ones in the 6-9th floor are very quiet.

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Book Check-outEdit


To find books available in the library you go to the library's catalog, type in the title and check for availability. If you are looking for a topic rather than a specific book you can search for the keyword and it will turn up whatever you need. When you click on the book description you can use ctrl+f on your browser to help you search the page itself for the keyword. That makes it easier to find chapters within the book that deal specifically with your topic. Write down the call number of the book(s) you want and head to the library.

Also, remember that the library also offers much more than books. Through the library's front page, you can access e-books, audio books, recommended web sites, online reference sources, and databases full of popular or academic articles in almost any subject you can name. If you can't find what you need, don't assume it's not there -- ask the librarians (in person or virtually) and they can usually save you a lot of time!

Getting HelpEdit

Although you are welcome to use any of the library's resources on your own, you can get help from the librarians too. Reference Librarians are available in-person, by email, phone, and even instant messaging. Go to the Ask Us page to find out how to contact them. You can also communicate with our chat icon, Irma Minerva , who has a Facebook site. She is mostly there for fun, but you can contact a librarian through her too!

We also have librarians who are subject specialists and who are assigned to particular departments and schools. If you are interested in knowing your subject librarian, please contact us!


Once you have the call number you can locate the book very easily. Depending on the letter that the call number begins with it will be in one of the floors of the library or at the music library. The elevators are located at the back of the main corridor to the left. They can be used to get to any floor in the library including the basement.

Letter Location Letter Location Letter Location
A Floor 9 J Tower 5 T Basement Main
B Floor 9 K Floor 5 U Basement Main
C Floor 9 L Floor 4 V Basement Main
D Floor 8 M Music Library Z Basement Main
E Floor 8 N Floor 4
F Floor 7 P-PQ Floor 3
G Floor 7 PR-PZ Floor 2
H-HD99 Floor 7 Q Basement Main
HD100-HV Floor 6 R Basement Main
HX Floor 5 S Basement Main


Once you have all the books you need all you have to do is go to the library main desk. All you need is your First Card. They will scan your books and your first card -- or you can do it yourself at the self-check-out station. You can check out as many books as you need.

The books checked out by undergraduate students will be due in three weeks. For graduate students - end of the semester, and for faculty - until the end of the academic year. Everyone is subject to a three week loan if the book is requested by another patron.

Current Literature, Audiobooks, and paperbacks can only be checked out for a three week period by ALL borrowers.

Audio-Visuals can only be checked out for one week to all borrowers.

Turn inEdit

You can turn your books back in at the library in the slots labeled "Book Drop" next to the Tower elevators. There is also one located just to the left of the College Ave. entrance before the guards desk. In addition to this there are several Book Drops located around campus where you can leave your books on your was to class.

  • On Walker Ave. behind the Jackson Library Tower near the traffic circle
  • On Spring Garden Street at Campus Dr. in front of the Bell Tower
  • On North Drive at McIver St. in front of the New Science Building


If your book is due but you need to keep it for a while longer all you have to do is go to the renewal website. There you will find all the books you have checked out and their due dates. If you renew your book it will show the new due date. If your book has been requested it will not allow you to renew your book again and you will have to turn it in on the day it's due. You can only renew a book twice and then you will have to return it.

Requesting a BookEdit

If someone has checked out a book that you need, the search will say when the book is due under the "status" field. You can click on the "Request" link and the day that the book is returned you will receive a notice. Someone write in what happens if you don't pick up the book.

Not Only BooksEdit

The library not only contains books, but movies that are available for checkout. The movies can range from recent releases, or older one. They are a great alternative to renting movies from a redbox or any other video rental store because it is free, and you can keep them or a week. The one downside is an individual can only check out two movies at a time.

Study AreasEdit

The library has created great new group study spaces called collaboratories. The larger ones must be reserved on-line using the Resource Scheduler. The smaller ones are first-come first-served. All of the spaces have plasma computer screens, whiteboards, and wireless access. The larger spaces have podiums as well. These are great spaces for collaboration on projects, papers, and presentations.

Main Floor of the Main BuildingEdit

The Main Floor of Jackson Library houses several important departments:

  1. The Reference Department, where all of the friendly reference librarians want to help you with research!
  2. The Access Services Check-out desk
  3. The Reading Room with tons of magazines and journals
  4. The CitiLab (which is being renamed Jackson Instruction Lab)
  5. The Information Commons, a great area with collaboratories directly in front of the CitiLab/JIL
  6. The Superlab
  7. 24/5 Space: during the fall and spring semesters part of the 1st floor is open 24 hours Sunday through Thursday

2-5 FloorEdit

The 2nd-5th floors of the tower are designated as group study floors. These are the floors you will find most of the collaboratories.

6-9 FloorEdit

The 6th-9th floors in the Tower are designated as quiet study spaces. If you are looking for a quiet place to study, be sure to try out these floors!

Computer LabsEdit


Lab Details

  • The Superlab is located on the first floor of the Jackson Library and has approximately 140 computers that includes Mac and PC. When you use your UNCG login to print there (as in all campus computer labs), you automatically access the 75 free sheets per semester each student is allotted.
    • Mon-Thur 7:30am - 3 am
    • Fri 7:30am - 9:45pm
    • Sat 10am - 9:45pm
    • Sun 10am - 3am

Electronic Citi labEdit

Additional Details

  • The electronic Citi is located on the first floor of the Jackson Library and contains 20 computers and an instructors station. Is is available to everyone of the UNCG community except when it is reserved for a class.