The Rawk is a large boulder donated by members of Alpha Phi Omega in 1973 and spray-painted nearly every day by students, who use it as a giant message board. Unofficial rules govern the use of the Rock, and students know not to use foul language and that messages painted on the rock must be left for at least 24 hours before being painted over. Students know when they can begin to paint over the previous message on The Rock by the two smaller rocks in front of it; one for the date, and one for the time at which the message was painted. The Rock was originally placed where the Fountain is today, on the hill in front of the Dining Hall.

The spelling of 'The Rawk' came about as a means to express the more iconic status of it. It is a part of UNCG's "Rawkin' Welcome Week," which they host a venue of activities to welcome the incoming freshman at the university.